The Network Doctors

Advanced Networks for Residences

Starting with the Right Design

Doing things correctly is rarely an afterthought. Networks need to be designed and implemented correctly from the start if they are to meet present and future requirements. Our team of network doctors and architectural designers can assist you in setting up your ideal network infrastructure at your new home.

Network Design Services:

  • Intelligent WIFI installations ensuring continuous Internet access indoors and outdoors
  • Discrete network cabling installation without the need to tear down walls or redecorate
  • Securing sensitive personal data from exposure in the event of a WIFI break-in
  • Design and implementation of WIFI and wired networks tailored to your needs
  • Installation of CCTV, storage systems, video and audio entertainment systems
  • Enabling of secure remote access to your home network from anywhere
  • Cutting edge design and technology for electrical, lighting, and home automation
  • Provision of tailored documentation to help you manage your network

Nothing Lasts Forever

Even a well designed network ten years ago cannot cope with the demands on technology today. Things tend to break down and new needs often arise. Networks need diagnosing to identify and correct problems, whether within your residence or on your ISP's network.

Network Repair Services:

  • Diagnostics to establish baseline performance of your network, ISP and alternatives
  • Identification of problems with intermittent connectivity and network performance
  • Immediate migration of Internet providers even in areas apparently covered by one provider
  • Technology for merging circuits to double your bandwidth capacity and connection speed
  • Network Repair and Reconnection Emergency Services business hours 8pm-4am

Immersion in Technology

Integration of technology in your home will raise quality of life. We are specialists in installing CCTV, storage systems, and video and audio entertainment systems, using cutting edge design and technology for electrical, lighting, and home automation.

The Network Doctors

The Network Doctors is a service provided by HKdotCOM Limited. With over 20 years of experience implementing, upgrading, and fixing networks for ISPs, cloud service providers, railways, proprietary trading firms, healthcare providers, hotels, luxury residential projects, and hotel penthouses.